About company

gfThe Yerevan Milling Machine Plant (OJSC Yerfrez) was founded in 1957 and is one of the largest machine-tool factories in the Republic of Armenia. The plant produces universal high accuracy milling machines, which are used in many branches of industry. The plant products have been exported to many countries in the world including Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Egypt, Syria, Iran, and others. In 1996 the plant was privatized and restructured into OJSC Yerfrez. In 1997 the enterprise was granted with quality certificates America Grand Prize for Quality and Service and Sun of Gold to Excellence, and in 1998 with International Gold and Silver Award to Quality and Sun of Gold to Excellence. At the end of 2000 the composition of the shareholders was changed. One of the first steps towards renovation of the company was replacement of the entire top management. In result, the company’s organization, management level, as well as long-term goals and tasks were modified. In 2008 the design of new universal milling machine 67Е25ПФ1 was finished and the machine was successfully commissioned. Following this, the enterprise introduced Industry Quality Control System ISO 9001:2000 and passed the certification audit. The certificate number is 8323623926. The plant has open premises and the potential to increase the volume of its products, as well as render services.

The enterprise has technical equipment on all repartitions: welding-procuring, mechanical processing, heat treatment, galvanic coverings, and equipment repair. The wide set of the mechanic-processing equipment allows to carry out processing of large-sized details and knots; the heat treatment site includes a full set of technological possibilities.

gfThe enterprise owns KB which constantly works on improvement of existing, as well as on development of new samples of machine tools and other equipment. Rigid quality assurance and discipline, orientation on market requirements and future technological developments, and also presence of the technical personnel having a wide experience of work in this sphere, allow OJSC “Yerfrez” to offer competitive production and all complex of services in this sphere, starting from logistics and ending with warranty and post warranty service. Information service is always ready to answer any questions.
The enterprise gives a special role to joint projects and partnership in production advancement. We are sure that nowadays only through joint mutually beneficial cooperation, one will have a successful work.
gfAdapting to new conditions, we constantly apply the flexible schemes of deliveries directed on creation of mutually favorable environment for all parties. Various payment methods, minimization of terms of delivery at the expense of the logistical service – these all are directed to make the cooperation with us comfortable.